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Streamlined video output and smoothly integrated ads for the ultimate monetization boost


10 years of experience under my belt, I am safe to say that I have mastered the app development process from soup to nuts. Here, we are developing quality applications for both CTV and OTT devices with a due focus on certification and lifetime support.

Welcome to SmartLineTV, a scalable video monetization platform that ensures smooth distribution of content across various digital channels. Long-term involvement in the sphere of video games and interactive media brought us to a critical conclusion. It’s time to end up with the video ads we all used to since users started to consume the content differently. Our team of professional developers, creative designers, and interactive media gurus seek to furnish each client with a personalized solution.

Our goal is to assist business owners with launching and maintaining their off-scale video delivery opportunities. Striving to cater to every customer’s needs, SmartLineTV works out a high-end content distribution product that allows the steady reach of your audience across all modern gadgets.

How we help your business

Revenue Boost

We intend to optimize your ad revenue with due help of the prominent advertising agencies. Being a fully optimized licensed advertising platform, SmartLineTV ensures higher returns for the on-demand video.

Linear Streams and On-Demand Video

Integrated with your VOD and live streaming solutions, our platform is backed by different CND servers. We also duly support VAST-complying players.

Multi-Screen Coverage

Due to the server-side ad transcoding, our product ensures the display of your video content on a wide range of digital devices with desktop, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes among them.

Hyper-Targeted Ads

SmartLineTV pinpoints targeting to the extent it allows to acquire the most relevant following based on users’ location, language, device, religion, community, and even content theme. If you find any ad irrelevant, you can activate the ad restricting option, so it is no longer shown to your audience.

HD / SD / 4K / UltraHD Support

We have gone all-out to integrate our DAI on the server side with the top-tier content as smoothly as possible. Ads from the closest POP are delivered by our CDN network, creating over-the-top user experiences.

Key to Video Distribution & Monetization

The intention behind SmartLineTV is to help the content owners distribute and advertise in a highly viewable surrounding. By merging our effort with one of the third-party video suppliers, we go the extra mile to find a fit for every client.

Why Us

Upscale technology
Streamlined video distribution thanks to TV App Engine
Wallet-friendly solutions for app development
Over 100 platforms covered nationwide


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